Keeping Control Is Still An Option With An Involved Caretaker

Keeping Control Is Still An Option With An Involved Caretaker

Don't wait for a crisis and have to do things quickly.  Urgency is sometimes unavoidable but planning ahead is always the better choice.

When the time comes to move your loved one into an assisted living, nursing home or board and care,  when it is unsafe to leave your love one alone for any amount of time, you must look at the possibilities.

Word of mouth is a great way. Start by asking anyone you know who visits someone in a facility. Ask your primary care physician where they go and see if that is a possibility. Ideally the closer to you is going to be less stressful for you to visit. You want to have a checklist.


The following is only a partial list of things you should look for when selecting a retirement or nursing facility.

  1. ___ Look closely at the facility or home inside and out.
  2. ___ Ask to see the facility license.
  3. ___ Ask to see the admission agreement.
  4. ___ Take a look at the food menus.
  5. ___ Take a look at the kitchen.
  6. ___ Talk to the facility residents. Do they like their home?
  7. ___ Do the residents look comfortable and well cared for?
  8. ___ Talk to the staff.
  9. ___ Talk to the administrator. Is he or she helpful in discussing the facility or home with you?
  10. ___ Is there an odor in the facility or home?
  11. ___ Are the bedrooms clean and neat?
  12. ___ Are there activities for the residents?
  13. ___ Does the facility or home provide transportation?
  14. ___ Does this home specialize in difficult cases?
  15. ___ Do the residents appear to be clean and dressed?