Janet's tips

Janet's tips

1. TIP: No One Loves Your Love Handles Or Muffin Tops

  1. Lose the love handles.   Stand with your legs wider than shoulder-width apart, toes turned out just a little bit, tailbone tucked. With a very light weight in your hands (5 pounds at most—or you can even hold a pillow—just to keep anchored so you don’t feel the move in your lower back) extend arms up straight above your head as far as you can. “It should really feel like a stretch,” says Stokes. Then, bend from the hips and reach your body as far as you can to the right, hips and shoulders square forward. At the last second when you can’t reach any more, rotate toward the floor. Twist your body back to face front, exhale and pull back up to center.
  1. Make sure to keep your knees soft, don’t lock them. Do 8-10 slow and controlled reps in each direction, alternating sides.  Repeat every day
  1. In Office Option: BodyFX System by InMode is radiofrequency coupled with vacuum. Tiny holes poked into the fat cell walls cause them to wither away naturally. No worries about a sudden release of fat after treatment. As a bonus, the skin gets tighter as the fat disappears.  Weekly 

2. TIP: Tighten Up Skin Without The Gym Internal and External Skin Repair

  1. BIO™ Skin Care - Full 5-Piece Set
  1. Set includes Regen Capsules, Relax Capsules, Cleanser, Serum, Night Cream plus FREE bio™ Travel Bag. Save $20 when purchasing this full set versus when purchasing the products separately!
  1. In Office Option: Tighten wrinkly arms, stomach and face. Both women and men benefit from Janet's Forma by InMode, a no downtime way to lose the accordion look when an otherwise in- shape body bends forward. Tightens neck and face skin to a smooth natural look.

3. TIP: Lighten Up With Easy To Follow 10 or 30 Day Transformation Replace At Least One, Two or Three Meals A Day With Purium 

  1. Everybody eats…every day. Over time what you put in your body will determine how you look, feel and perform. 
  2. Burn fat, build muscle, increase energy and endurance. It`s the perfect workout food!
  3. May increase energy, endurance, and strength
  4. Supports healthy blood glucose levels
  5. Can help curb cravings and appetite
  6. Contains ingredients rich in vitamins and other nutrients to support total nutrition